Top 10 Event/Wedding Lighting Ideas

Let me tell you it's all about atmosphere.


Romantic dinners by candlelight, kickass concerts with exquisite light shows, rollerskating under a disco ball, reading late and night to the humble bedside table lamp. What do all of these things have in common? Lighting! After you have picked your perfect theme and you have seating, tables, and decor - the last thing anyone thinks about is how its all going to be received by the guests. Let me tell you it's all about atmosphere! Why have those bright unforgiving fluro ceiling lights when you can create a romantic intimate dinner party, a pumping dance party, an elegant cocktail party - all with creative lighting solutions. We have a few fun lighting ideas to take your event to the next level to wow your guests!


1. Festoon


2. Fairy light canopy

3. Feature lights


4. Hanging ladder with multi drop bulbs.

5. Waterfall Festoon


6. Fairy Light Wall


7. Illuminated Letters

8. Chandeliers


9. Pendants


10. Bulb drops