Rigging 101


Let's talk about Rigging! 
Did you know rigging does not refer to only hanging lights or a floral ladder between walls or from the ceiling? It's much more - understanding buildings structural integrity, weights of suspended items + weights of floral installations working with safety and quality rigging hardware.

What is rigging?
The traditional definition of a rigger is a person that uses hoists and pulleys. The industry extends the term, however, to define anyone engaged in the lifting, moving and transporting, positioning, pulling and securing of heavy equipment, machines and oversized loads.  

Did you know?  
Riggers training costs thousands of dollars - and many hours in invested time. Riggers are Trained to, qualified as and holds same responsibility as a dogger, crane driver on a construction site even at a basic level.

Rigging skills
Understanding your venue is vital to creating safe - structurally sound ceiling installation for events. The last thing you want is hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of equipment/ florals falling down, moving swaying and/or damaging the venues building in the middle of your event.


At AVIDEAS our team are qualified to correctly assess and install ceiling installation and suspended displays. Our team is highly trained to custom design anything you can imagine. Putting pen to paper and doing the math of weight-bearing walls and beams in the ceiling. What weight could it max hold? Will it case structural damage if used? If none, finding other non-obtrusive solutions or ideas for installation. Is the structure we are using able to take the weight, reach length? ( without bends, stress, sway, coming apart or falling down ) Is there enough height in room for the installation on how the room is being used? Does the height need to be adjusted prior, during or after install? Is the material hardware we are using certified and weight approved?

Then we chat with your florist about weight, type of installation to be done, to then work out load requirements. Then back to pen and paper- which hardware will we use? (as heavier installs require higher rated materials.) Investing money into the highest quality rigging hardware. Which structure do we use or construct to create installation client is after? None of this cheap zip tie slap together job.

We prefer to rig our own structures as then we take the full weight of Liability for equipment and install.

Our team not only have the technical skills to install a safe, quality ceiling installation but also the AESTHETIC design eye that has come from decades of Theatre, Production and Corporate work.

We have you and us COVERED with complete Public Liability. We take our job, responsibly and business SERIOUSLY ( although we laugh & joke a lot)  We are committed to long-term clients, referred and repeat business.

We would love to meet you and work with you for your next event! If you wish to receive a quote for your next event, please email us directly from our contact page here